Songs for the Journey: Order of Worship 10.30.11

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What an incredible Sunday morning of worship this week. As Darrin preached on Jesus and Miracles, we really wanted to celebrate God’s power and supremacy!

We opened with the call to worship, “Crown Him with Many Crowns,” and declared together that he is the King, the Lamb upon his throne and is fully deserving of our worship. In doing so, we join with the heavenly anthem that drowns out all music but its own, “All hail our Redeemer, who died eternal life to bring, and lives that death may die!”

In Mark 6:30-56, we see that the impetus of Jesus’ miracles was his great compassion that he had on people, who were lost like sheep without a shepherd. It was out of his compassion that he worked miracles and it is out of compassion that he works salvation for us, the greatest Miracle of all. So we sang “Mighty to Save” together to praise God for his redeeming work in our lives.

Finally, concluding our initial time of worship through singing, we sang of the supremacy of God in the song, “Our God,” which names the very miracles that he has done and declares that he is greater, stronger and higher than any other.

In response, along with communion, we prayed for people to be healed holistically, both physically and emotionally, along with any other needs people had. As we prayed and remembered in communion, we sang, “There Is A Fountain,” for it is the blood of Jesus that is the power for every miracle, every physical or emotional healing, every spiritual renewal, and certainly for salvation itself.

In closing, we sang “God & Sinner Reconcile” and praised God that he became sin so we might become his righteousness. He died that we may have life. It is by his wounds we are healed and he is faithful to use our wounds for our good, to make us more like himself each day. This is the truth we walk in daily.

  • Ruth
    November 1, 2011

    I love “God & Sinner Reconcile” but have always wondered about the line “We are wounded by Your love.” What does this line exactly mean?

    • Stephen
      November 6, 2011

      AW Tozer says, “I doubt that God can truly bless a man until he has wounded him deeply.” Proverbs 27:6 says “Faithful are the wounds of a friend.” Jesus is our truest friend and his wounds are faithful because they produce fruit in our lives. As we die to self daily, he prunes us of all the broken, self-centeredness that separates us from him. The father disciplines those he loves, but he doesn’t leave us… he stays there and mends our wounds with his own blood. In the way I discipline my children and wound them with a spanking when they are doing something that will ultimately harm them, but don’t leave them there alone… I take them up in my arms and hold them and tell them I love them and that it is for their good that they were spanked. Make sense?

  • Ruth
    November 8, 2011

    yes! thanks for the reply.

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