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Why do you lead worship?

Often the motives are mixed. You find yourself wanting to point people to Jesus but also feeling a desire to be noticed and praised, to make yourself the center of attention. Maybe you want to make the best possible music for the most possible people but you find yourself leading a modest congregation in an unglamorous place. These mixed motivations can be difficult to unravel and can cause significant conflict, both internal and external.

Stephen Miller is the worship pastor for a large church of young, energetic Christians. He and his band record albums and lead worship for conferences all over the country. He knows the temptation to make himself the show, to pursue fame, to seek the applause of other people. And he has learned to want nothing to do with it. In this book, Miller exhorts his fellow worship leaders to make Jesus the center of all their efforts. He teaches how to do this with scripture, teaching, prayer, story, and song. In all, Miller's call for worship leaders is to lead worship, whole-hearted and whole-minded exalting of God, rather than making a spectacle out of it.

Worship Leaders, We're Not Rock Stars will encourage and challenge worship leaders by clarifying their purpose and identity, and by doing so will bless those they lead.

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Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rockstars Conference

A one-day, intimate gathering of worship leaders to discuss the foundational identity and functional roles of a worship leader, led and taught by Stephen Miller. Registration is just $10, and each attendee will receive a free copy of Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rock Stars, as well as Stephen's new album All Hail The King.

St. Louis, MOSept 24, 2013
Orlando, FLTBA

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